“An excellent product or innovative service is nothing without market knowledge and customer focus.”

Hans Winklmann, Managing Director

Business Development
and Sales
Medical Device Partners GmbH sup­ports supp­liers and manu­fact­urers of medi­cal pro­ducts, compo­nents and ser­vices in the suc­cess­ful deve­lop­ment of the Euro­pean med­ical tech­nology market. From stra­tegy and busi­ness deve­lop­ment to sales and per­manent cus­tomer sup­port, MDP al­ways offers indi­vidual solu­tions.
Success through
Market Knowledge
Benefit from our many years of expe­rience in medical tech­nology and our excel­lent net­work of compe­tent deve­lop­ment and produc­tion part­ners, some of whom we have known and appre­ciated perso­nally for over 20 years. We estab­lish the con­tacts and build long-term partner­ships.
Personality and
Customer Focus
MDP is always close to the cus­tomer in order to fully under­stand their needs and to be able to offer indivi­dual solu­tions for every require­ment. We listen very care­fully and then work out the best solu­tion.
is your partner
Medical Device Partners – our name says it all. We act respon­sibly, bin­dingly and reli­ably. Partner­ship is the core ele­ment of our work, be­cause this is the only way to build and main­tain long-term rela­tion­ships be­tween supp­liers and cus­tomers.

Are you looking for….

  • ….a product or a service?
  • ….a business developer or a sales partner for the European medical technology market?

Are you looking for….

….support in development and production, technical and regulatory issues? Our sister company danumed Medizintechnik GmbH with certified quality management system realises your customer requirements from the first stage of development to the CE-marked product ready for sale.

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