We help develop your business in the European market for B2B medical technology.

Medical Device Partners has worked exclusively in the field of medical technology for more than 15 years and specializes in business development and B2B sales across Europe.

We advise suppliers and manufacturers on their entry into medical technology and the expansion of their business in the medical devices industry.

We represent suppliers and manufacturers of medical products, components and services from Europe and overseas; our customers are other manufacturers and distributors.

Our focus

is on disposables and associated devices. Medical Device Partners operates in all European countries; we are based in Germany, the largest market in Europe.

We have profound expertise in various business models:

  • OEM
  • Own Label
  • Bulk non-sterile
  • Contract manufacturing


Our name says it all.

We chose the name “Medical Device Partners” carefully, as partnership is the core element of our work:

It is our mission to build and maintain long-term partnerships between suppliers and customers.

We treat all our business partners with respect, fairness and a personal touch. We are committed to the values of the “Honourable Businessman” – commitment and reliability. Responsible and sustainable business practices are a matter of course for us. We make decisions quickly and with foresight.

Customer focus

A focus on the customer, with a personal touch.

Customer focus is essential for us; this is the only way to make sure that we will truly understand the needs of our customers. And this is the only way to create excellent partnerships and businesses.

We have maintained personal contacts, in some cases, for over 20 years. Our excellent network also supports us, for example, with difficult questions, if we ourselves don’t have a solution at first glance.


Competence & Responsibility

Medical Device Partners has a highly competent team and an excellent network. The company is led by Hans and Sonja Winklmann.

Hans Winklmann

Dipl. Kfm. (MBA) Hans Winklmann has held management positions in the field of medical technology for over 20 years, of which, for over 15 years, he was self-employed with a focus on Business Development and Sales.

Sonja Winklmann

Dipl. Kffr. (MBA) Sonja Winklmann has over 15 years of experience in various management positions in the field of medical technology, in particular in the areas of finance, taxes, organisation, QA & RA.

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