We launch off your product / service in the European medical devices market

Set-up and permanent operation of a European office for a catheter manufacturer from overseas

Foundation and set-up of a European base.

Comprehensive cooperation: Business management, strategy and business development, regular customer and new customer sales, marketing, customer service, logistics, finances, taxes, legal aspects and EC-rep.

We were able to acquire business from many medium-sized businesses and from Aesculap, Arc Royal, Baxter, Biotronik, BBraun, BSN Medical, Medtronic, Danone, De Royal, Fresenius, Intersurgical, Medisize, Medline, Moelnlycke, Nutricia, Pennine, Teleflex, Nestlé and UCB.

Cooperation over 14 years.

Representation of a plastic injection moulder from Germany

Representation in Europe, development of business in the medical devices industry, in contract manufacturing of plastic injection moulded parts. Cooperation over 13 years.

Marketing & sales for an innovative pain therapy device from Austria

Marketing concept for the company as a whole and for a pain therapy device in particular. Search for, and support of, sales partners (distributors) worldwide. Cooperation over 9 years.

Marketing for suppliers of packaging and sterilisation services from Germany

Marketing concept, country analyses and mailings.
Cooperation over 8 years.

Assessment of an EU office for the supplier of standard components from the US

Analysis and evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of a European branch. Cooperation 6 months.

Market introduction of a manufacturer of punch-bent parts from Germany into the medical devices industry

Analysis and strategy development, market introduction in the medical devices industry, consultancy in the areas of sales, marketing and PR, staff coaching. Product and market analysis.
Cooperation 2 x 6 months.

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